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Free An interpretation of the Bible times extrapolated to modernity
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Phil Stone - Bible Time Press
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Since ancient times, the Bible has been subject to many kinds of interpretations. Mr. Phil Stone, the designer of this program, has been studied the Bible during many years and says that he had begun to develop the mystery of Bible times. According to him, the Bible contains the entire history of humanity, including future events. His theory says that all the events depicted in the Bible are cyclic in nature, and thus, they repeat themselves every certain amount of time. For example, he says that the US attack to Iraq is a reflection of the episode narrated in the Kings' book in which King Manasseh was taken to Babylon (now Iraq), and thus, the US army will return humiliated from that mission.
The program includes many comparative charts that are difficult to read. You need to zoom-in to properly read the texts. Also, you need to read the author's theory to read and interpret those charts. It also includes commentaries to those modern events that are "replays" of the events narrated in the Bible, completed with quotes from Wikipedia and many newspapers and magazines. If you enjoy interpreting the Bible and finding hidden meanings in its words, then this program can be interesting for you.

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